If you want your piercings to have bite then a shark’s tooth is the natural choice for your body jewelry. A shark’s tooth is considered a potent symbol of masculinity and strength, proudly worn by warriors as a sign of their indomitable power. Back in the day, brave warriors would wear a necklace of the notoriously sharp teeth and the lure of this show of strength is replicated in the modern trend of displaying the shark’s tooth as a fashion accessory.
A single, large shark tooth is a common sight on necklaces and bracelets, and has become a staple piece in the collections built up by avid fans of piercings.gold-plated-shark-teeth-for-ear

Hawaiian folk lore has it that in days gone by noble warriors wore sharks teeth to ward off the dangers of the sea. Even today there is a prevailing belief that wearing a sharks tooth can protect against shark attacks. Pierced surfers may take some comfort in the superstitions of shark tooth protection and protect their bodies by adding a piece of shark tooth jewelry to their nipple ring bars or wear a shark tooth embedded in a plug.

Gold dipped shark teeth may make a powerful statement with pirate overtones, hinting at wealth, plunder and danger, yet the reality of the symbolism is more akin to protection than danger.

black-sharks-tooth-bbWhile the shark’s tooth has distinctly masculine connotations it has also caught on as a unisex piece of body jewelry as more delicate shark tooth pieces have been designed with girls in mind. The popularity of dainty shark teeth to attach to dangling belly button rings demonstrates that girls are drawn to this look as they too like to assert their power.

Pieces are designed for both sexes to wear inside the ear and they are a popular item for girls to wear as a dangling earring. Shark tooth piercings can be open displayed or worn in intimate areas.

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