If you love piercings, body jewelry or tattoos, but are concerned such obvious adornments may have a negative impact on your career prospects, then it makes sense to be tattooed or pierced in private places that will not be on display in the workplace. Your piercing may in no way detract from your professionalism but you do need to be aware some colleagues or bosses may view them with negativity.

Everyone has heard the story of the unfortunate chap who set the bells ringing as he passed through airport security in the presence of his colleagues. The work colleagues of this consummate professional had no inkling that beneath his smart and expensive business suit his body had concealed piercings. All was revealed when his Prince Albert piercing caused him to be pulled aside before he could board his plane and he was taken away to be strip searched. The humiliation endured during the search was nothing compared to explaining why he had to catch a later plane and missed a crucial meeting. After that, there was always snide glances and subdued laughter as he passed. His colleagues never quite looked at him in the same way and he was not surprised when he was passed over for promotion despite achieving record sales.

'Hey, Chuck! I just beat your record of 20 piercings! This gal here has 22!'

The lesson to be gleamed from the Prince Albert story is to always ensure you replace any metal piercings with non-metal jewelry before flying, or remove the piercings completely. If you would prefer to keep your piercings private from fellow workers at a sporting or spa event you are all obliged to attend then it is wise to remove them or replace the jewelry with clear alternates. Never presume that those that share your working environment are necessarily open minded. They may well use knowledge of your piercings to cast a word against you as they attempt to ingratiate themselves with the higher ups.

You can indulge your love of piercings and advance in your career by keeping the two things distinctly separate as you maintain your privacy. There is no need for anyone associated with your work world to ever suspicion that your clothes hide such individuality.

Of course not every profession is stuffy and suited with inbuilt prejudices but it always pays to be careful of what idiosyncratic traits you choose to display in the workplace. Even if you are considered the most diligent employee it may well count against you if turn up on Monday morning sporting a nose ring. A piercing or shocking change of hair color is much easier to remedy than a tattoo if any of these create issues in the workplace. Piercings can be removed and hair shaved off, but tattoos are there to stay and if openly on display could wreck your future chances.

Conformity is a safe option if you value security and who knows, one day you could be running the company and indulge yourself by getting all the piercings your career advancement deprived you of. There is a hot new trend for seniors defiantly showing off the piercings they put on hold while biding their time with a sensible and cautious approach.

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