All that work in the gym has really paid off as your body is honed and toned with a washboard stomach. You can show off your belly button ring with pride in fabulous cropped tops paired with low slung shorts. It creates a sensation when you hit the pool or the beach as the ring glimmers against the sunshine and shines through the transparency of the water.

Now you have achieved the body of your dreams your wardrobe choices are limitless as everything looks good on a toned and slim body. There are no unsightly bumps to conceal and you no longer worry about any overspill. There is just one dilemma on your mind though as the prom is coming up and although you have found the perfect dress to wear your belly button ring is protruding obtrusively against the clinging fabric. Just when you thought all unsightly bumps had been eliminated you find your body jewelry is making an unwanted appearance on your svelte silhouette and your ring cannot be removed. Do you give up on your dream of that sexy fitted dress with the stunning side midriff cutouts and choose a breezy A-line that is less in keeping with your personal style?

Popper Stoppers

Worry not as there is a simple solution at hand that will effectively stop your belly button ring protruding and scuppering your popper-stoppersfabulous dress plans. Popper Stoppers are a simple and effective solution that you can peel on for the evening, allowing you to conceal your tiny protuberance and slink sensually in the dress you have chosen for its clinging qualities. Popper Stoppers are adhesive strips that are Latex free: you peel off the adhesive backing and stick one on over your ring. It will stay in place all through the evening to ensure there is no flaw in your stunning and sylphlike appearance.

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