A typically negative attitude towards tattoos is often voiced as, ‘imagine how silly that inked drawing will look when you are a pensioner’. While body art may look attractive against young toned skin, the picture may change as the skin starts to sag. Similarly objections to piercings may center on being stuck with a hot trend when one is too old to be considered cool and trendy anymore.

tattooed-elderly-peopleThus it is surprising to discover that the age group that is most expected to frown on body modifications contains a growing number that are indulging in tattoos and piercings. Hip and hot grandmas are flaunting cutely elegant nose rings and granddads are giving into their long held passions for tattoos which were put on hold during their working life. These days it is increasingly common for seniors to take the rite of passage they denied themselves in their youth and get their first tattoo or piercing at a time when others in their age group are only looking forward to a retirement home.

Some women may have long harbored a longing for piercings but been denied their wishes by their spouse. Widowhood or divorce (the ultimate liberator) can open doors to new adventures and they see it as an opportunity to be true to themselves. Seniors that pierce have nothing to prove: they are not trying to fit in but to assert their independence. It is not uncommon to find a daughter disapproves of both her own daughters and mother’s piercings as the adventurous gene often skips a generation. Meanwhile the teen really loves the chance to hang out with her so hip grandma and swap body jewelry.

Tattoos and body jewelry are not solely the preserve of the young and the advent of seniors experimenting with new looks is something which will help to make the trend more socially acceptable. Let’s face it, the later you leave it to get a tattoo or piercing the less time you will live to regret it.

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