You may call it body modification, but your parents may well consider it body mutilation. If you are trying to convince your parents that your newly pierced image is an artistic trend that will grow on them it is probably best not to let on how much the procedure hurt. Then again as they take one look at your newly pierced tongue they may well consider you deserved any pain and brought it on yourself: after all their whole lives have been devoted to protecting you from pain and they really think that your tongue ring is the height of irresponsible folly.

If they have bribed and persuaded to get you to sit still in the dentist chair and held your hand as you screamed at the thought of an injection they may well wonder at your blase approach to having your tongue clamped and inserted with a metal barbell. It is time to convince them you are truly grown up by not wincing in pain as you struggle to eat the home cooked meal they have prepared.

It may be advisable to keep quiet about the advice not to kiss your girlfriend or boyfriend for several weeks to avoid infection in your new piercing, as your parents may not be able to hide their mirth at your new romantic predicament. They may well get another laugh as they see you reverting to childhood straws to avoid the discomfort of hot and cold drinks. The best approach is to be bold and assured, confident that you love your new look and do not regret it for a minute.

Try to sympathize with your parents’ horror by remembering they are of a different generation and win them over by offering to help with lots of household chores.  At the very least, refrain from giving them a hard time.  They remember a time when you were perfect, just the way you are.

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One Thought on “A Mother’s Perspective

  1. Roselyn Dinicola on February 5, 2017 at 4:45 pm said:

    Very well done and an excellent perspective on a Mother’s viewpoint. Thank you for airing our opinion.

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