Time and time again you have heard the warnings. From your tattoo artist and your parents when you were younger. That tattoos are permanent and cannot be easily removed. Which is why you have to think before ink. Inking can be your best friend or your worst enemy. A mistake cannot be removed . Not without the use of laser technology. Laser tattoo removal is not done often. The procedure is very costly, is painful, and will leave scars. Many people have a tattoo that was a mistake covered up.

Tattoo Removal Cream

Not all hope is lost. There is a miracle tattoo removal cream that may revolutionize the tattoo removal industry . Called BLTR (Bisphosphonate Liposomal Tattoo Removal) cream, it is being developed by a Canadian Alec Falkenham, a student at Dalhousie University in Halifax. He is very hopefully this will work. Even though this tattoo remover is only in its early stages of development, it shows potential on a pig ear, which is the closest to human skin when it comes to tattoo ink saturation.

The cream works by being applied to wear the pig has been tattooed. The BLTR cream uses a component to slowly dissolve the tattoo ink. Starting from the base of the skin and working outward. So, a tattoo with time will fade away.  It works best on white, yellow, orange and turquoise ink.

The idea advantage about the BLTR cream is that it is painless to apply and wear. Any tattoo removal kits on the market involve abrasive measures. Then of course there is laser removal. If this cream is successful, there will no longer be a need for tattoo laser removal. Even though this has only used on pigs, this scientist is headed in the right direction.

For The Future

There are still quite a few unknowns to be sorted out with this new miracle cream. For example, how long it will actually take to remove a sizable tattoo compared to smaller ones. Until then, this is definitely something to look forward to once it hits the market. In the meantime, you will have to deal with your mistakes the old fashioned way. Try to forget that time you went drinking with your friends and came back with a tattoo on you know where! At least you can sit this one out until this cream does come along. Believe it or not, the idea of a tattoo banishing cream is remarkable. Imagine how many people could benefit from this one simple cream.

Looking for cute prom dresses? Check out the vast range of choices from the Hannah S Collection. This brand from the House of Wu is focused on providing short party dresses that are wearable in various occasions. As with most creations from this designer label, Hannah S combines contemporary details with traditional silhouettes to come up with dresses that not only flatter but will make you stand out from the crowd. The secret is in the intricacy of the beadwork, modern tailoring and the use of the finest fabrics. This results in an effortless and wearable line that depicts the kind of woman the designer, Liz Luo, is herself: strong and sexy, yet fun and fearless at the same time.

Hanna S 27123 Dress

Style 27123

Two-piece prom dresses are one of the hottest trends nowadays, giving inspiration to the Hannah S. 27123. This two-piece ensemble teams an off-the-shoulder lace crop top with a floral print skirt. The straight across neckline leads to a pair of sheer lace long sleeves, framing the fitted bodice that glitters modestly with scattered crystals. The box-pleated skirt hangs on a thin waistband and flares gorgeously to an above-the-knee hemline.

Hanna S 27130

Style 27130

A more curve-defining silhouette is projected in Hannah S 27130. It glimmers with intricate beadwork coating the sleeveless crop top and the topskirt. The sweetheart-lined top is crowned with an illusion jewel neckline that converges into the illusion yoke and into the illusion back. The pencil skirt tapers to the mid-thighs, coming off from a sheer waist that creates a two-piece illusion for this fitted short dress.

Hanna S 27114

Style 27114

This sky blue Hannah S 27114 dress features a bodycon sheath silhouette with its removable sweetheart lining and beaded mesh overlay. Worn together, this ensemble presents illusion long sleeves framing the Sabrina neckline and the sheer back. The vintage and chevron beadwork definitely sets it apart, along with the finger loops extending from the beaded sleeve ends.

Hannah S 27090

Style 27090

For the daring missus, you might want to consider the stunning details on this Hannah S 27090. Vine-like crystal beadwork on mesh spans the yoke and one long sleeve, bordering the asymmetrical cutout back and going down one side that creates an hourglass shape. This fitted dress tapers to the mid-thigh length hem, allowing the wearer to flaunt her legs over a pair of stilettos.

The cute prom dresses from the vast collection of Hannah S is dedicated to young girls who are getting ready for their first formal dance night. Hannah S understands how important prom night is, and it all starts with finding the dress of your dreams.