If you are considering having a piercing for the first time it cannot be stressed enough the absolute importance of finding a licensed professional who is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers. This assures that the procedure will be conducted in compliance with health and safety standards. A professional will comply with safe piercing practices and will use sterile instruments to minimize the risk of infection and reduce your exposure to horrid bacteria. Do not be lured to unaccredited piercers that offer bargain prices as the discount you receive will not be worth it if a shoddy job is done or a nasty infection sets in.

It takes no longer to locate a professional piercer via an internet search than it does to discover a veritable horror story of unprofessional piercings that have gone wrong. Complications arising from tongue piercings have resulted in the American Dental Association opposing this particular body modification due to such factors as resultant dental problems, speech and swallowing issues, prolonged bleeding and infection. Future problems can arise from tongue piercings that may necessitate surgical removal.

While all piercings carry a certain risk of infection other piercings are lower risk than the tongue. Scarring or tearing can be factors to consider down the line and it is a sensible precaution to not wear enormous hoops that dangle from the ears or nipples and can catch in foreign objects. A rip can lead to long term scarring. Professional piercers also advise to stay away from piercing guns in all circumstances as it is impossible to ensure sterility. The use of piercing guns on ear cartilage runs the risk of causing significant damage and even deformity. Even if the first piercing you are considering is a relatively simple earlobe piercing, professionals do advise to steer well clear from piercing guns in the mall.

You are choosing a piercing to enhance your appearance with body jewelry and it is wise to remember not to take unnecessary risks with possible adverse health consequences. Always seek out a reputable professional to ensure you get the result you want.

If you want your piercings to have bite then a shark’s tooth is the natural choice for your body jewelry. A shark’s tooth is considered a potent symbol of masculinity and strength, proudly worn by warriors as a sign of their indomitable power. Back in the day, brave warriors would wear a necklace of the notoriously sharp teeth and the lure of this show of strength is replicated in the modern trend of displaying the shark’s tooth as a fashion accessory.
A single, large shark tooth is a common sight on necklaces and bracelets, and has become a staple piece in the collections built up by avid fans of

Hawaiian folk lore has it that in days gone by noble warriors wore sharks teeth to ward off the dangers of the sea. Even today there is a prevailing belief that wearing a sharks tooth can protect against shark attacks. Pierced surfers may take some comfort in the superstitions of shark tooth protection and protect their bodies by adding a piece of shark tooth jewelry to their nipple ring bars or wear a shark tooth embedded in a plug.

Gold dipped shark teeth may make a powerful statement with pirate overtones, hinting at wealth, plunder and danger, yet the reality of the symbolism is more akin to protection than danger.

black-sharks-tooth-bbWhile the shark’s tooth has distinctly masculine connotations it has also caught on as a unisex piece of body jewelry as more delicate shark tooth pieces have been designed with girls in mind. The popularity of dainty shark teeth to attach to dangling belly button rings demonstrates that girls are drawn to this look as they too like to assert their power.

Pieces are designed for both sexes to wear inside the ear and they are a popular item for girls to wear as a dangling earring. Shark tooth piercings can be open displayed or worn in intimate areas.


You may call it body modification, but your parents may well consider it body mutilation. If you are trying to convince your parents that your newly pierced image is an artistic trend that will grow on them it is probably best not to let on how much the procedure hurt. Then again as they take one look at your newly pierced tongue they may well consider you deserved any pain and brought it on yourself: after all their whole lives have been devoted to protecting you from pain and they really think that your tongue ring is the height of irresponsible folly.

If they have bribed and persuaded to get you to sit still in the dentist chair and held your hand as you screamed at the thought of an injection they may well wonder at your blase approach to having your tongue clamped and inserted with a metal barbell. It is time to convince them you are truly grown up by not wincing in pain as you struggle to eat the home cooked meal they have prepared.

It may be advisable to keep quiet about the advice not to kiss your girlfriend or boyfriend for several weeks to avoid infection in your new piercing, as your parents may not be able to hide their mirth at your new romantic predicament. They may well get another laugh as they see you reverting to childhood straws to avoid the discomfort of hot and cold drinks. The best approach is to be bold and assured, confident that you love your new look and do not regret it for a minute.

Try to sympathize with your parents’ horror by remembering they are of a different generation and win them over by offering to help with lots of household chores.  At the very least, refrain from giving them a hard time.  They remember a time when you were perfect, just the way you are.

All that work in the gym has really paid off as your body is honed and toned with a washboard stomach. You can show off your belly button ring with pride in fabulous cropped tops paired with low slung shorts. It creates a sensation when you hit the pool or the beach as the ring glimmers against the sunshine and shines through the transparency of the water.

Now you have achieved the body of your dreams your wardrobe choices are limitless as everything looks good on a toned and slim body. There are no unsightly bumps to conceal and you no longer worry about any overspill. There is just one dilemma on your mind though as the prom is coming up and although you have found the perfect dress to wear your belly button ring is protruding obtrusively against the clinging fabric. Just when you thought all unsightly bumps had been eliminated you find your body jewelry is making an unwanted appearance on your svelte silhouette and your ring cannot be removed. Do you give up on your dream of that sexy fitted dress with the stunning side midriff cutouts and choose a breezy A-line that is less in keeping with your personal style?

Popper Stoppers

Worry not as there is a simple solution at hand that will effectively stop your belly button ring protruding and scuppering your popper-stoppersfabulous dress plans. Popper Stoppers are a simple and effective solution that you can peel on for the evening, allowing you to conceal your tiny protuberance and slink sensually in the dress you have chosen for its clinging qualities. Popper Stoppers are adhesive strips that are Latex free: you peel off the adhesive backing and stick one on over your ring. It will stay in place all through the evening to ensure there is no flaw in your stunning and sylphlike appearance.