The trend for constellation piercings made famous by LA’s celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson and showcased by trend setters such as Beyonce, Linda Evangelista and Ashley Graham, shows no sign of falling out of fashion.
This unique style clusters constellations of galaxy inspired piercings on the earlobe or cartilage of the ear. Small groupings of delicate earrings or studs create a constellation effect. The galaxy image is typified with stars and crescent moon earrings.

The trend tends towards groups of three or more hoops, studs or rings, which can be in different designs and alternate sizes. Your creative flair can be exhibited through the pattern and choice of your piercings. Piercings can be confined to the lobe or spread artfully across the ear’s helix, daith, rook, and tragus.

Constellation PiercingStarbursts, star cuffs and falling stars are just three styles of earrings to suit this trend.

Zodiac constellation piercings map the star signs on the ear, but if you don’t want multiple piercings you can achieve the same effect with a single Zodiac constellation earring.
A great way to accentuate the look is to pair your Zodiac constellation piercings with a matching necklace. Similarly shooting stars constellation piercings can be paired with a shooting star necklace or crescent moon piercings can be matched with an over sized crescent moon ring on your finger.

The hottest constellation piercings now are delicate. When the craze for multiple ear piercings first became trendy it was all about huge hoops and large glitzy rings, rather than the delicate diamonds and tiny hoops now so in vogue. Over time fashion for piercings change but ear piercings remain the most popular, with multiple piercings offering the option for so many different looks. This constellation combines pearls and delicate hoops.

Celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson of the famous Body Electric Tattoo in Los Angeles gave a recent Elle interview advising people to do their research well before choosing a piercing studio. He advises selecting a piercer who is proud to display pictures of their work and who operate a visibly clean studio. He also advises sensitive types should be pierced with gold and stresses that needle piercings are actually less painful than piercing guns. Some of the constellations looks perfected by Thompson and showcased on his Instagram include the triple flat and the high double lobe. Take a look at his Instagram for some inspired constellation piercing ideas.

When you are spoilt for choice with so many beautiful and stunning earrings to tempt, constellation piercings allow you to go wild and decorate your ears with as many jewels as you like. It is also the height of fashion to have multiple piercings as opposed to a solitary one. You can adorn your lobes with cute combinations or make a statement. Once you take the plunge and have enough piercings to create a constellation the fun really begins as you can start to shop for gorgeous earrings.

Themed weddings, cocktails, galas or balls are the in thing nowadays and turning up in a designer gown will make you feel lie the belle of the ball.  There are prom dresses by Jovani that have enchanting, charming and even exciting silhouettes.  Their collection of white gowns could easily pass for a themed wedding gown. These gowns can also be simply worn to a garden party or to a black and white gala with an equally charming date who will march your radiance to his as you glide in the event together.

White Jovani Prom Gowns

Jovani 48813

Standing out from the crowd in an event under the sun at the beach becomes easy in the Jovani 48813 prom dress with its brilliant simplicity that breathes class and elegance. This dress design that comes in a range of colors and sizes features a beaded bodice that showcases a curved V-neckline which has a sheer modesty inset and V-back. The sleeveless chiffon gown has a full-length layered skirt that magnificently puts together the entire A-line silhouette. The complete look will make any lady look angelic as the wind brushes by the skirt.

White Jovani Prom Gowns

Jovani 47755

Adding a netted fascinator, a lengthy train or a veil to the Jovani 47755 instantly transforms this spectacular gown to a wedding gown. This immaculate gown can pass for many occasions as its simplicity makes it splendidly impressive. Featuring a nude lining covered with beaded floral appliques on lace, the sensuous fit and flare silhouette begins its graceful descent down with a high neckline. Creating a cryptic look is easy with the cut-in sleeves that frame the lacy yoke and the sheer lace back which has a concealed zipper. This full-length sleeveless gown is guaranteed to leave admirers and guests swooning over with the brush train finish.

White Jovani Prom Gowns

Jovani 45138

Magnetic allure, glamour and glitz is what Jovani achieves in the Jovani 45138 prom dress. Expressing pomp and fun, this beaded high neckline gown also features a bodice with cut-in sleeves that frames any physique, accentuating a long neck and showing off toned arms and shoulders. Faux crystals are sprinkled all over the lace of the dress, making it appear fun and glitzy. Also featuring a beaded waistband, this full-length A-line lace gown begins a full descent down with a split-front gathered tulle overskirt and a sweep train.

White Jovani Prom Gowns

Jovani 42893

Jovani has mastered the two piece designs and continues dishing out smashing hits with the lavish and posh pieces that never fail to capture his admirers’ attention and garner more fans. The Jovani 42893 is just but one such sample of the artistic glory that is this line of prom dresses. This full-length two-piece gown is paired perfectly with a beaded sleeveless crop top that has a jewel neckline and a full back with a concealed zipper. The full-volume layered ball gown skirt is generously filled to make a princess outfit. This gown is available in a range of colors and sizes.

These few samples of white gowns by Jovani continue to showcase their talented hand in gracing many occasion with the rich and fine forms.  Their designs still continue to dazzle and amaze.

When your time comes to get married you want everything to be perfect. You want to say yes to that perfect dress, your cake cannot look like every other wedding cake: It must taste delicious and look divine. The music must transport your guests to a higher plain. There are so many things that factor in to making that special day unforgettable. If you made it this far, you have found your soulmate. That one person you are ready to spend the rest of your life with. Because they accept you for who you are. Inside and out. You both have a passion for piercings. This why your love is so unconditional. Why not consider a few unique piercing ideas to share your affection.

For Engagement

Instead of using the typical engagement ring, use a piercing. No, that does not mean you have to leave the romance factor out. Still engage to her in a manner you think is ideal. Instead of a real ring in the box, you can replace it with something thoughtful and memorable. Then take your bride to be to her favorite piercing parlor. Where she can pick out the bling of her choice. One idea is a jeweled cross bar for her ear. It will look lovely on her in her wedding photos.

For Wedding

This is your special day. You are head over heels in love with each other. This day the two of you will start a life-long journey together. Filled will happiness, joy, laughter and fun. Here is an idea to make your day just as unique as you are. The day before the wedding, go to get matching piercings. You already started by placing her engagement ring cross bar is on one ear. Just place another one on top as seal of your matrimonial vows. You do the same thing by piecing a cross bar to say I do. When you both walk down the isle, you will be ready, piercings in place!

For Anniversaries

Gold is used to symbolize the 50th wedding anniversary. Silver is used for the 25th anniversary, if your pierced marriage stands the tests of time. Celebrate the milestones. Buy her a diamond stud for her nose set in silver. Make each day count. You can use piercings as token of love and affection in various ways throughout your marriage. However, after fifty years, she may deserve an actual ring if she wants one!

Time and time again you have heard the warnings. From your tattoo artist and your parents when you were younger. That tattoos are permanent and cannot be easily removed. Which is why you have to think before ink. Inking can be your best friend or your worst enemy. A mistake cannot be removed . Not without the use of laser technology. Laser tattoo removal is not done often. The procedure is very costly, is painful, and will leave scars. Many people have a tattoo that was a mistake covered up.

Tattoo Removal Cream

Not all hope is lost. There is a miracle tattoo removal cream that may revolutionize the tattoo removal industry . Called BLTR (Bisphosphonate Liposomal Tattoo Removal) cream, it is being developed by a Canadian Alec Falkenham, a student at Dalhousie University in Halifax. He is very hopefully this will work. Even though this tattoo remover is only in its early stages of development, it shows potential on a pig ear, which is the closest to human skin when it comes to tattoo ink saturation.

The cream works by being applied to wear the pig has been tattooed. The BLTR cream uses a component to slowly dissolve the tattoo ink. Starting from the base of the skin and working outward. So, a tattoo with time will fade away.  It works best on white, yellow, orange and turquoise ink.

The idea advantage about the BLTR cream is that it is painless to apply and wear. Any tattoo removal kits on the market involve abrasive measures. Then of course there is laser removal. If this cream is successful, there will no longer be a need for tattoo laser removal. Even though this has only used on pigs, this scientist is headed in the right direction.

For The Future

There are still quite a few unknowns to be sorted out with this new miracle cream. For example, how long it will actually take to remove a sizable tattoo compared to smaller ones. Until then, this is definitely something to look forward to once it hits the market. In the meantime, you will have to deal with your mistakes the old fashioned way. Try to forget that time you went drinking with your friends and came back with a tattoo on you know where! At least you can sit this one out until this cream does come along. Believe it or not, the idea of a tattoo banishing cream is remarkable. Imagine how many people could benefit from this one simple cream.

Looking for cute prom dresses? Check out the vast range of choices from the Hannah S Collection. This brand from the House of Wu is focused on providing short party dresses that are wearable in various occasions. As with most creations from this designer label, Hannah S combines contemporary details with traditional silhouettes to come up with dresses that not only flatter but will make you stand out from the crowd. The secret is in the intricacy of the beadwork, modern tailoring and the use of the finest fabrics. This results in an effortless and wearable line that depicts the kind of woman the designer, Liz Luo, is herself: strong and sexy, yet fun and fearless at the same time.

Hanna S 27123 Dress

Style 27123

Two-piece prom dresses are one of the hottest trends nowadays, giving inspiration to the Hannah S. 27123. This two-piece ensemble teams an off-the-shoulder lace crop top with a floral print skirt. The straight across neckline leads to a pair of sheer lace long sleeves, framing the fitted bodice that glitters modestly with scattered crystals. The box-pleated skirt hangs on a thin waistband and flares gorgeously to an above-the-knee hemline.

Hanna S 27130

Style 27130

A more curve-defining silhouette is projected in Hannah S 27130. It glimmers with intricate beadwork coating the sleeveless crop top and the topskirt. The sweetheart-lined top is crowned with an illusion jewel neckline that converges into the illusion yoke and into the illusion back. The pencil skirt tapers to the mid-thighs, coming off from a sheer waist that creates a two-piece illusion for this fitted short dress.

Hanna S 27114

Style 27114

This sky blue Hannah S 27114 dress features a bodycon sheath silhouette with its removable sweetheart lining and beaded mesh overlay. Worn together, this ensemble presents illusion long sleeves framing the Sabrina neckline and the sheer back. The vintage and chevron beadwork definitely sets it apart, along with the finger loops extending from the beaded sleeve ends.

Hannah S 27090

Style 27090

For the daring missus, you might want to consider the stunning details on this Hannah S 27090. Vine-like crystal beadwork on mesh spans the yoke and one long sleeve, bordering the asymmetrical cutout back and going down one side that creates an hourglass shape. This fitted dress tapers to the mid-thigh length hem, allowing the wearer to flaunt her legs over a pair of stilettos.

The cute prom dresses from the vast collection of Hannah S is dedicated to young girls who are getting ready for their first formal dance night. Hannah S understands how important prom night is, and it all starts with finding the dress of your dreams.

It seems the official foot attire for hipsters is either boots or sandals, and rarely anything in between. Sandals seem to be gaining favor in this world of global warming and anti-war sympathies.

With that in mind, you can get yourself a great sandal online, but most people are always faced with the challenge of selecting the best sandals for their needs. The best sandals are usually the most comfortable sandals for walking. They must fit properly and allow you to walk with ease. They must be trendy, and of course appear great on you. In this article, we are going to cover some of the best sandals for travel to get you going. These are the best in the market from different brands and over you the best chance at getting a great sandal that offers good value for money. Go through as you try and select one that best suits your needs.

Chaco Women’s Zvolv X2 Sandal

The Chaco pair of sandals is one of the best in the market currently and one that will last for years. Chaco has been known to produce some of the best sandals over the years, and the newest Zvolv X2 is a great pick with amazing features. These are made from textile and feel comfy when worn. They have a rubber sole making them light and easy to walk around with especially when in a hurry. You can even run on them comfortably. Their heel measures approximately 1 inch with a platform of half an inch. They feature double crossing straps that hold the feet when allowing you to walk comfortably without the fear of them slipping out.

Chaco men’s Zcloud Sport Sandal

The Zcloud sports sandals are another great option for traveling or walking. They come with a durable and an adjustable high tensile webbing heel riser that helps keep the heel firm allowing you to walk comfortably. For those worried of the shoes producing some smell after long distances of walking, there is an antimicrobial application that prevents any odor production. You can easily create a customized fit by properly fitting the polyester jacquard webbing wraps. They have an amazing support for sandals making them a great choice whenever you need to travel and need to carry some light footwear with you.

Ecco Yucatan Sandals for men and women

The Ecco Yucatan sandals are a great pick for a trendy, sporty sandal to wear when traveling. They are very light sandals with a stretch underlay and three adjustable loop and hook straps that allow the user to nicely fit the feet. The sole is made of rubber making it quite easy for the users even to run on these sandals. They are a must carry if you need to travel knowing you will need something light to walk around on. The ECCO Yucatan is more like the Teva sandals but offer more support and are of better quality with great construction. They have the third Velcro strap which allows the user to nicely fit the feet and walk without the sandals feeling like slipping out.

KEEN Newport H2 Sandals for men and women

The KEEN Newport H2 sandals for men can be your ideal travel companion this coming holiday with amazing features that will make you feel great wearing them. They are nicely made and cover the feet well just like normal shoes but have enough space between the straps making them great sandals. The sandals have a synthetic sole which can last for ages and not the one to wear out after a few months of walking on concrete.

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal

The Birkenstock is a classic sandal and one you must highly consider buying if you want classical looks on your travel. It is a great classical design with a two strap that holds the feet in between and prevents it from slipping. It is a great sandal for a late evening walk to the park with your dog. The straps can easily be adjusted to allow the feet fit perfectly without holding it too tightly or loosely. The buckles on the straps can easily be adjusted to fit different feet sizes. They are a great pick for walking short distances from your home.

Final Verdict

If planning to travel and need a great pair of sandals to take with you, consider buying one from the list above. They are the best for travel or if you walk around often. They are light and easy to transport without occupying a lot of space. They are very easy to maintain and wear with high-quality straps that are adjustable. Easily adjust the straps to fit the size of your feet, and you are set to go. Choose from the various colors in each category, and you have great sandals that will offer you value for money and make you want to walk more often.

Prepare to shock the prom if school rules dictate that your piercings are usually removed or concealed. The prom is a chance for you to raise eyebrows as you reveal your body jewelry on the school premises for the first time.

You may as well go all out and double the shock level in a risqué prom dress that accentuates your daring and adventurous personality. A short, clinging, bodycon prom dress makes a bold, in-your-face statement when jeweled-up with an eyebrow, nose or lip piercing. Your unconventional approach to the look you present at the prom is sure to make you a talking point, but you will bask in being the center of attention as there is nothing shy or retiring about the girl that is prepared to pierce for the sake of her appearance.

As a fashion-forward girl you will already know that the hottest name in prom wear is designer Sherri Hill. She creates eye catching dresses, with some so short they will raise the temperature of the prom. Her designs are passionate and innovative, mirroring the personality of the girl that dares to go to the prom with piercings on display. The combination of a Sherri Hill mini dress with your piercings is sure to be both provocative and stunning.

Sherri Hill 1953 dress

Style 1953

The Sherri Hill 1953 strapless dress sends out shock waves as it shimmers with waves of encrusted beading and molds sensually to the body like molten lava. You can choose your body jewelry to match the colors of the beading if you are going for shocking and elegant, or you can opt for jewels that clash for extra provocation.

Sherri Hill S50671 dress

Style S50671

If you have a piercing adorning the navel you can show it off in a svelte two-piece fitted dress such as the Sherri Hill S50671 two-piece dress, styled in a dramatic sheen print with metallic beading adorning the neckline and waistline. Your belly button ring will fascinate as you sway seductively on the dance floor.

Sherri Hill 50701 dress

Style 50701

The Sherri Hill 50701 two-piece prom dress is alluring with an off-the shoulder neckline and subtly encrusted beading. This dress is the perfect tapestry to showcase your belly button ring and facial piercings. Pile your hair up high to best display a line of dangling earrings.

If you do decide to reveal your facial piercings at the prom it is almost predictable that you would choose a short and shocking dress to wear with them. Less expected would be a more elegant dress, perhaps with a floor-length hemline.

If you check out the Sherri Hill collection of prom dresses you will discover designs that are full-length, elegant, yet still provocative.

Sherri Hill 50741 dress

Style 50741

The Sherri Hill 50741 sleeveless prom dress is sleekly styled with a fitted silhouette and a bateau neckline. A provocatively daring element is introduced with the side cutout midriff. There are many other striking dresses in the line that suit the mercurial personality of the pierced party girl.

For more info on their entire Fall 2016 line, check out Sherri Hill.

If you love piercings, body jewelry or tattoos, but are concerned such obvious adornments may have a negative impact on your career prospects, then it makes sense to be tattooed or pierced in private places that will not be on display in the workplace. Your piercing may in no way detract from your professionalism but you do need to be aware some colleagues or bosses may view them with negativity.

Everyone has heard the story of the unfortunate chap who set the bells ringing as he passed through airport security in the presence of his colleagues. The work colleagues of this consummate professional had no inkling that beneath his smart and expensive business suit his body had concealed piercings. All was revealed when his Prince Albert piercing caused him to be pulled aside before he could board his plane and he was taken away to be strip searched. The humiliation endured during the search was nothing compared to explaining why he had to catch a later plane and missed a crucial meeting. After that, there was always snide glances and subdued laughter as he passed. His colleagues never quite looked at him in the same way and he was not surprised when he was passed over for promotion despite achieving record sales.

'Hey, Chuck! I just beat your record of 20 piercings! This gal here has 22!'

The lesson to be gleamed from the Prince Albert story is to always ensure you replace any metal piercings with non-metal jewelry before flying, or remove the piercings completely. If you would prefer to keep your piercings private from fellow workers at a sporting or spa event you are all obliged to attend then it is wise to remove them or replace the jewelry with clear alternates. Never presume that those that share your working environment are necessarily open minded. They may well use knowledge of your piercings to cast a word against you as they attempt to ingratiate themselves with the higher ups.

You can indulge your love of piercings and advance in your career by keeping the two things distinctly separate as you maintain your privacy. There is no need for anyone associated with your work world to ever suspicion that your clothes hide such individuality.

Of course not every profession is stuffy and suited with inbuilt prejudices but it always pays to be careful of what idiosyncratic traits you choose to display in the workplace. Even if you are considered the most diligent employee it may well count against you if turn up on Monday morning sporting a nose ring. A piercing or shocking change of hair color is much easier to remedy than a tattoo if any of these create issues in the workplace. Piercings can be removed and hair shaved off, but tattoos are there to stay and if openly on display could wreck your future chances.

Conformity is a safe option if you value security and who knows, one day you could be running the company and indulge yourself by getting all the piercings your career advancement deprived you of. There is a hot new trend for seniors defiantly showing off the piercings they put on hold while biding their time with a sensible and cautious approach.

A typically negative attitude towards tattoos is often voiced as, ‘imagine how silly that inked drawing will look when you are a pensioner’. While body art may look attractive against young toned skin, the picture may change as the skin starts to sag. Similarly objections to piercings may center on being stuck with a hot trend when one is too old to be considered cool and trendy anymore.

tattooed-elderly-peopleThus it is surprising to discover that the age group that is most expected to frown on body modifications contains a growing number that are indulging in tattoos and piercings. Hip and hot grandmas are flaunting cutely elegant nose rings and granddads are giving into their long held passions for tattoos which were put on hold during their working life. These days it is increasingly common for seniors to take the rite of passage they denied themselves in their youth and get their first tattoo or piercing at a time when others in their age group are only looking forward to a retirement home.

Some women may have long harbored a longing for piercings but been denied their wishes by their spouse. Widowhood or divorce (the ultimate liberator) can open doors to new adventures and they see it as an opportunity to be true to themselves. Seniors that pierce have nothing to prove: they are not trying to fit in but to assert their independence. It is not uncommon to find a daughter disapproves of both her own daughters and mother’s piercings as the adventurous gene often skips a generation. Meanwhile the teen really loves the chance to hang out with her so hip grandma and swap body jewelry.

Tattoos and body jewelry are not solely the preserve of the young and the advent of seniors experimenting with new looks is something which will help to make the trend more socially acceptable. Let’s face it, the later you leave it to get a tattoo or piercing the less time you will live to regret it.